When should you consider using a donor?

NYFC may suggest considering an egg donor after you’ve gone through several failed IVF cycles or when any of these conditions exist:

  • Unresponsiveness to fertility drugs
  • Over the age of 40
  • Poor egg or embryo quality
  • Diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve
  • Previous ovary surgeries
  • Known to carry a genetic disease
  • Premature menopause

A sperm donor is needed when there’s a problem with sperm or a blockage, if you don’t want to use your partner’s sperm due to a genetic disorder, or you’re a single woman or lesbian couple who wants to start a family.

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How do you find a donor?

When patients need a sperm donor, they usually use an anonymous donor from a sperm bank, so you can count on NYFC to recommend a trusted and reputable sperm bank.

When you need an egg donor, you have two options:

Known egg donors

There are two types of known egg donors. The first is someone you know, such as a friend or relative. You can also receive eggs from someone you don’t know who chooses to participate as a known donor rather than an anonymous egg donor. When your donor is known, both of you receive your medical care from NYFC.

Agency donors

NYFC works exclusively with licensed donor agencies. When you receive eggs from an agency, the person is anonymous, but you can choose your donor based on information about their medical and psychological history, and data about their appearance, education, racial and ethnic background, and other personal details.