Nowshin S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/08/24
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Tsai at The New York Fertility Center. not only is Dr. Tsai extremely knowledgeable and skilled in infertility treatment, but their empathy and support made a significant difference in my journey. Dr. Tsai and FNP Cindy performed a procedure on me on holiday, which shows their commitment to patients. The entire staff ( Jenny, Nasrin, Maritza and all other staff) at the clinic was incredibly friendly and helpful, which added to positive experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Tsai and the team at The New York Fertility center to anyone seeking infertility treatment.

Faidy R.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/29/23
Thanks to Dr. Tsai and his amazing staff (Maritza, Jennie and all others) my wife and I are currently expecting two beautiful boys that we will welcome in May 2024. Words cannot fulfill the gratitude we feel for all that Dr. Tsai and his staff did for us during our process of becoming mothers. He made this journey very special for us and we will recommend him to everyone that is trying to build a family. His professionalism and care is what is needed during this beautiful process! Thank you Dr. Tsai and Staff!

Mario V.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/01/23

5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/21/22
We received very personalized care and support. Dr. Tsai was honest and transparent and very encouraging. He reviewed all the options with us and made sure we understood everything clearly.

Kimberly A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/08/22
Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Zhiteng L.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/20/21
Dr. Tsai was very helpful and he demonstrated his professionalism. I’m really glad to know him and chose The NY Fertility Center.

Daydria W.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/13/21
Dr. Tasi had all the answers the my questions. He was very friendly and easy to talk to.

Ariana A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/21/21
An amazing wise and positive doctor, helped me make decision and prepared me for my IVF+ICSI Surrogacy trip. I came back to US with a son after suffering from cancer. I don’t know what I would do without him. Currently, he is helping me with the second one!

Silvia C.
4/5 Star Rating
Submitted 11/30/20
Besides the very long wait, Dr. Tsai was very nice and explained everything to my husband and myself.

Anum K.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 02/20/20
Dr looked at my history and reassured us with different courses of action we can take and next steps. I look forward to our fertility journey with Dr. Tsai. The receptionist and medical aid were great too.

Michelle C.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/28/19
Dr. Tsai is busy and rightly so. He always makes the time for me and cares deeply about his specialty.

Elena B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/28/19
A little of a wait over the weekend but expected, very busy office, otherwise efficient, friendly, to the point, and I would most definitely recommend.

Juliana S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/17/19
After years of trying with my husband we decided to seek fertility help. From day one Dr. Tsai has done everything in his power to make me comfortable, answers all my questions and lead me towards the right fertility option for me.Dr.Tsai and the staff, Jenny and Joanna and everyone else are amazing. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find this place. I highly recommend Dr.Tsai!

Glennys C.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/16/19
Very professional

Karen M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/08/19
I’ve been a patient here for more than 10 years, Dr Tsai is the BEST Doctor . He’s pragmatic,kind,compassionate and responsive. He listens very well to his patient’s needs, and provide sound advice. No question too inconsequential or too complicated to re-explain and is SUPER informative. All of these qualities separated him from the other doctors. The staff that works here is truly amazing . Thank you Dr. Tsai for all you do. I have a 7 yrs old son all because of Doctor Tsai and his wonderful team .

Jennie D.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/18/19
The Dr was great and made you feel comfortable..

Karla R.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/22/18
Very good doctor. He answered all my questions and also made my husband feel comfortable with him.

Nicole V.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/21/18
I must say that Dr. Tony sie and his staff have been wonderful cooperative helpful made it very easy and has given us a dream come true we are pregnant after only three months of being under the doctors recommendation and care there were many times that I asked them to be patient with me and they fully honored that request special thanks to Alicia

Sandra S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/18/18
After trying for 2 years with no luck, we decided to get checked out via fertility specialist for my husband’s sperm count. We assumed it was not an issue on my end because I had gotten checked out a year prior with another fertility specialist and was cleared. Since we were in the office I figured it doesn’t hurt to check again. This was when Dr. Tsai informed me through a water sonogram that my uterus was oddly shaped and may possible have polyps/cyst that is preventing embryos from implanting. I scheduled for a laparoscopy procedure and was pregnant the next cycle with the help of IVF. If Dr. Tsai were not proactive in his suggestions, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to become a mother.

Danielle B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/16/18
I was diagnosed as perimenopausal at the age of 42 and saw my dream of having a child fade away. I found Dr. Tsai and he assured me that I would become a mother. It was a long road and in the end I had to explore an egg donor however Dr. Tsai never gave up on me. Today I am the mother of a beautiful 2 week old baby girl who wouldn’t be here without Dr. Tsai. I am forever grateful for him and his wonderful staff in helping me achieve my dream.

Jennifer R.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/07/18
Dr. Tsai is the best!! LOVE YOU DR. TSAI !!! I am a mom because of you…. With an amazing staff Dr. Tsai’s office, and team are SUPER! Oh yes I love Jenny too she is so helpful, understanding and she has a big heart for the patients….

Iwona K.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/25/18
Dr. Tsai and the whole team were very nice and took their time to take care of me and explain my options, thank you.

Zehra A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/10/18
Dr. Tsai is very knowledgeable about his area. He clearly explained us every details. He and his staff very nice of me. I relly recomended him.

“There are not enough accolades to ascribe to Dr. Tsai but ‘miracle worker’ should sum it up. I came to him, in June of 2017, dejected. I had been told by 3 different specialists (gynecologists) that I should get a hysterectomy because at 44, with numerous fibroids, it was not worth it.

The first thing Dr. Tsai said to me was: ‘Are you okay with freezing your eggs?’ What?! I was incredulous. No gloom and doom? Hope – this man was offering hope. He examined me and reassured me, ‘you’ll be happy.’ Less than 2 months later, Doc performed a myomectomy on me and removed over 20 fibroids and kept my uterus intact. God bless him. Less than a week after my procedure, I am almost back to normal. This man, this wondrous man, is phenomenal. I would trust him with anything regarding my body. God used him to offer me hope of being a mother one day and I will be forever grateful.” – Essie B.H.

“ Just wanted to share my experience with Doctor Tony Tsai, I got married in 2010 and we were told we wouldn’t be able to have kids which was very hard to overcome lots of sleepless nights and tears and fear of never becoming a mom was eating me, then I did some research and found this amazing loving and caring doctor who made my dreams come true, with one failed Ivf , then the second one was positive I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2014 thanks to Dr Tony Tsai, now two months ago I underwent another IVF and I I was BFP and expecting twins yey. I’m at disbelief. He truly has a heart of gold and the staff is just super sweet and caring I cant thank them anough! To all that struggling I have been there just be positive and it will happen. He is the best of the best!” – Pandora S.

“ Thank you for our 3 little miracles Dr. Tsai!!! We love you!!- Rachelle 10/29/2006, Joshua and Jason 02/28/2014. We can never repay you for what you did for us. You helped us to complete our family and we will forever be grateful to you. ” – Michelle R.

“ Thank you Dr. Tsai, now we have a healthy baby boy! You & your staff are simply awesome. Special shoutout to Jenny & Noel 😀 ” – Lei C.

“This is amazing!! Just exactly like Dr.Tsai told us before the surgery. My wife got pregnant 21 weeks already. We are so happy & thankful for Dr.Tsai‘s professional advice & his successful surgical performed. He gave new hope, he solved our baby problem.”- Kenji W.

“My experience at The NY Fertility Center was very pleasant. Dr. Tsai and his staff, especially Noel, took very good care of me and treated my husband and I with the utmost respect and attention. I would like to thank Dr. Tsai for making this whole process as easy as possible. His experience and knowledge in his field is unsurpassed, which allowed me great peace of mind. Thank you for all of your special care and attention; it surely has not gone unnoticed. My husband and I are very grateful. If I should come across anybody who needs fertility assistance, I will be happy to recommend Dr. Tsai and his staff at The NY Fertility Center.” – Mariea K.

“Thank you so much for helping me achieve my pregnancy dreams. Your staff has been kind, courteous, informative and most of all supportive.” – Melita C.

“Dr. Tsai is an absolutely amazing one-of-a-kind doctor!! At my first initial appointment with Dr. Tsai, he made me feel so at ease and comfortable with the treatment plan designed for me. Dr. Tsai is so easy to talk to, attentive, proactive and exceedingly prompt to taking quick and amazing actions in making sure you are comfortable with him. His care and attention and expertise got me pregnant with twins!! I’m so ecstatic and joyful, he gave and provided me with A+, top notch care that is incomparable!! I really wish I could have Dr. Tsai as my prenatal doctor and if possible deliver my babies!! I’m so glad I found Dr. Tsai, such an amazing human he is!! And his staff members are exceptional also, they greet you with a smile, know you by your first name and are there to give you the best care and attention possible. I really do love The NY Fertility Center! Thank you! Thank you!! God bless everyone!!” – Adebimpe O.

“I greatly appreciated Dr. Tsai helped us to make a very cute baby. This made our family dream come true.”- Rebecca H.

“The process of going through an IVF procedure is very difficult for my wife. But, the successful outcome was amazing. Dr. Tsai and his staff have always been excellent in walking us through the steps. They have made it emotionally and physically tolerable for my wife and I. Although this process isn’t a certainty, it’s been just a great experience with the right people helping us. I highly recommend anyone seeking fertility treatment to come see Dr. Tsai.” – Raymond W.

“ Thank you so much To all the people at the New York Fertility center and To DR.Tsai he done great work ..ours was not easy with stage 4 endometriosis 3 surgeries and on the 3rd attempt we gave birth to our son ..he made all our dreams and hopes come true ..Dr. Tsai worked with us. because it was not covered with our insurance company helped us every step of the way .explained everything in plan English a great help staff was very nice and understanding. ” – Ronald R.