FNP-C REI Provider

Yanna joined The New York Fertility Center as our Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Provider. Prior to joining our team she worked as a Registered Nurse in NewYork-Presbyterian in the Cardiology/Neurology and Medical Surgical unit where she completed her nurse residency program and PICOT research project. Yanna managed direct care of patients with stroke and seizure/epilepsy as well as cardiac, general medicine, post surgical and emergency patients.

She then went on to work at NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns where she worked with postpartum mothers who delivered vaginally or via C-section for both stable and
hemodynamically unstable patients who required ICU care, as well as management for common post partum complications such as postpartum hemorrhage, hypertensive crisis and postpartum depression. Yanna also managed newborns who experienced temperature drops, failure to thrive, high risk coombs complications, and other genetic anomalies.

Yanna is certified in IV infusions, BLS/ACLS, NRP and infection control, as well as board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP).

At The New York Fertility Center, Yanna has become an expert at various hysteroscopic operations such as polypectomy, myomectomy, lysis of adhesions/ashermens, septum resection, ovarian cyst aspirations, D&C,  endometrial biopsies and more. Yanna is highly skilled at performing IUI procedures, embryo transfers, IVF egg retrieval procedures as well as devising individualized fertility cycle plans for heterosexual couples, homosexual couples, known egg donors, as well as single parents. At The New York Fertility Center, your care is personalized and unique to your individual needs, Yanna and the rest of our team will help you achieve your family goals one step at a time.